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Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning: CLUES

Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning: CLUES

(spanish version)

clues cover   Eawag-Sandec in partnership with UN-HABITAT and WSSCC has published complete guidelines for Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning (CLUES). This updated set of planning guidelines is based on the lessons learned from piloting the HCES approach. The name change from HCES to CLUES highlights the importance of broad community involvement (beyond the household level) in the planning and decision-making processes. Although the name changed, the main characteristics stay the same: a multi-sector and multi-actor approach accounting for water supply, sanitation, solid waste management and storm drainage in urban areas and emphasizing the participation of all stakeholders from an early stage in the planning process.

Highlights of these new planning guidelines for decision-makers:

  • Simple to use, featuring 7 logical planning steps
  • Easy and accessible language which non-experts can also follow
  • Focus on how an enabling environment can be fostered during the planning process
  • New interactive toolbox containing 30 “how-to-do-it” tools which support planners to implement the approach

The new guidelines are now online and a PDF version can be downloaded below. On this site (www.sandec.ch/clues) you will soon find a more interactive version of the guidelines, tool updates, interesting links as well as news on CLUES projects from all over the world.


o Complete Guidelines [pdf, 6.7 MB]

o Guidelines with Toolbox (Beta Version) [zip, 162 MB]

o Executive Summary [pdf, 140 KB]

o Article on CLUES in Sandec News [pdf, 240 KB]

o Validation of the CLUES planning approach in Raipur, India [factsheet, pdf, 850 KB]

o The Case Study of Nala, Nepal [CLUES factsheet, pdf, 638 KB]

o Complete Guidelines, Spanish version [pdf, 4 MB]

o Shared sanitation users’ cleaning behaviour [pdf, 331 KB]

CLUES Contact

CLUES Contact

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